Training to Ha Long Bay managers and policymakers

A CEBioS and ECODAM delegation went to Vietnam to attend the CLIMDIS final meeting on 18th of January and give training

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In the framework of the CLIMDIS projet (Management of the water quality in Vietnamese coastal waters impacted by CLIMate change and human induced DISasters using a marine modelling tool), a CEBioS and ECODAM joint delegation attended the final meeting of this project. They also took the opportunity to give training on the COHERENS model and on the future communication with policy-makers, using policy briefs.

The event gathered environmental managers of Ha Long Bay, policy administrators and scientists.

The training took place in Hai Phong city, Vietnam.

The meeting has been oppened by IMER director (Institute of marine environment and resources), Prof. Nguyen Van Quan.

The agenda went as follow:


  • 14h-14h15: Introduction

· Presentation of attendees

· Welcome-Introduction (Vinh Vu Duy)

· Opening speed from IMER’s director (Prof. Nguyen Van Quan)

· CLIMDIS project (Geneviève Lacroix)

  • 14h15-15h15: Project’s outcome part I

· Survey [WP1] – 10’ (Hai Nguyen Minh)

· Halong Bay modelling [WP2] – 20’ (Saheed Puthan Purayil & Vinh Vu Duy)

· East Viet Nam Sea modelling [WP2] – 15’ (Hugo Romanelli, online)

· Scenarios [WP3] – 15’ (Vinh Vu Duy & Saheed Puthan Purayil)

  • 15h15-15h30: Break
  • 15h30-16h00: Project’s outcome part II

· Advice for management [WP4-WP6] (Pierre Huybrechts, Vinh Vu Duy & Hai Nguyen Minh)

  • 16h00-16h50: Discussion-feedback

· Questions and suggestions from the Follow Up Committee, stakeholders and other participants (Pierre Huybrechts & all)

  • 16h50-17h00: Conclusion-Perspective (Vinh Vu Duy & Geneviève Lacroix)