Institutional cooperation in Burundi

The main objective of the cooperation with the Office Burundais pour la Protection de l’Environnement (OBPE) is to build capacities to enhance sustainable management of biodiversity and Ecosystem services particularly in the 3 main National Parks in Burundi, namely ‘Parc National de la Rusizi’, ‘Parc National de la Ruvubu’ and ‘Parc national de la Kibira’. The approach consists of information flow and dissemination through the strengthening of the CHM at OBPE and the library in Gitega, awareness raising, scientific research on various ecosystem services, training on habitat dynamics monitoring, the production of tools to facilitate this task (e.g., Lexicons) and decision making for the management of the protected areas and capacity building of scientists, managers and rangers. This cooperation often involves academics and students from the Université du Burundi.