The EVA-MAB Manual is officially published in cooperation with UNESCO

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📣CEBioS is proud to announce the publication, in cooperation with UNESCO, of EVAMAB – Guidance for the Assessment of Ecosystem Services in African Biosphere Reserves.
The EVAMAB-project addressed the evaluation of the economic value of ecosystem services (ES) in UNESCO-MAB sites from a regional perspective (Africa) and focused on sites from 4 countries: Benin, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda. The project results are contributing to the transition to green economy in Africa.
This project lasted 30 months (2017-2019) and was financed in the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding between @Belspo (Belgian Science Policy) and UNESCO to support research activities in Biosphere Reserves (BR). The EVAMAB consortium consisted of a multi- and transdisciplinary team of 4 🇧🇪 Belgian partners: one Federal Scientific Institute (@RBINS, with CEBioS as promotor) and 3 universities (K.U.Leuven, ULB – Université libre de Bruxelles, @Universiteit-Antwerpen).