Policy Brief on “The Integration of Biodiversity Targets with Economic Policies”

This Policy brief summarises key insights, cross-cutting themes and ways forward that have emerged across the Policy Forum Series on the Integration of Biodiversity Targets with Economic Policies.

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Biodiversity is currently declining at an unprecedented rate. To bend the curve, increased conservation and restoration efforts, as well as more sustainable production and consumption systems, are needed. The Research Centre on the Environment, Economy, and Energy of the Brussels School of Governance and the
Open University of the Netherlands organized a series of public policy forums to discuss how to better integrate biodiversity targets with economic policy making after the adoption of the Global Biodiversity Framework.

This policy brief, By FRANÇOIS GARDIN, SIMON HAPPERSBERGER, JEAN HUGÉ and HARRI KALIMO, summarises key insights from the four policy forums, which focused on biodiversity targets in valuation, finance, trade, and circular economy. Finding the right balance between value integration and trade-offs, coherence and complexity, ambition and implementation, polycentricity and cooperation will be key across the four issue areas.

CEBioS Coordinator, Luc Janssens de Bisthoven, took part in one of the panels on which the Policy-Brief is based. CEBioS and Luc are also mentionned in the Policy-Brief.

The recordings of the four individual sessions are publicly available on events/policy-forum-series-biodiversity-economic-policies (accessed 21 Feb 2024)

The Policy Brief can be downloaded here.

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