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Awareness-raising activities

Awareness-raising activities

One of the corner stones of biodiversity conservation is to increase general awareness among several target groups, such as civil servants, managers, focal points, scientists, regional and local authorities, students, children and
their parents. Raising awareness hence contributes to the mainstreaming of biodiversity in society and governance.

Therefore, awareness raising is considered one of the key elements of the CEBioS programme:

  • several types of awareness calls are launched regularly, to promote baseline studies, indicator development, dissemination of scientific findings, and measuring of behavioral changes and perceptions 
  • during workshops for CEBioS alumni of the GTI, MRV and CHM programmes, as well as during summer schools, training on communication and awareness raising principles is provided  
  • CEBioS supports and co-produces brochures, Policy Briefs, posters, etc and helps to disseminate them
  • in relation to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and its Conference of the Parties (COP), CEBioS staff raises awareness among national focal points and their co-workers
  • special focus is directed towards raising awareness among Belgian NGOs and governmental institutions working in partner countries
  • for scientists, CEBioS contributes to providing relevant information on specific topics, such as the Nagoya and Cartagena Protocols of the CBD
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