GTI Seminar

CEBioS held a fruitful seminar at RBINS with GTI trainees and tutors.

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Event details

More info about the Event

On Thursday 16 February 2023CEBioS invited trainees, tutors and all interested externals to a short seminar on the GTI programme. As a reminder, the Belgian National Focal Point (NFP) for the Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI) seeks to develop and strengthen taxonomic and conservation capacities in the partner countries of the Belgian Development Cooperation.

The ten-year programme of CEBioS ending in 2023, CEBioS is always very happy to hear about recommendations and ideas for the future.

On this date, several GTI fellows were present in Belgium, and CEBioS took this opportunity to meet and gather about experiences.

This day took place at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, in the Small Auditorium.